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  • Spring Mix Strawberry Summer Salad

    Spring Mix Strawberry Summer Salad

    This recipe comes from the Kidney Stone Diet Meal Plan library. You can learn more about my Meal Plan subscription here.

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  • Low Carb Turkey Roll-Up

    Low Carb Turkey Roll-Up

    Here is a lunch option that is quick and easy for diabetic and keto diet peeps. You can do whatever lunch meat you like with any cheese you like. You’ll note that this is a higher sodium option. You will not be perfect each day with your sodium goals, don’t…

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  • Harvest Bowl

    Harvest Bowl

    I know many of you will say, “Oh my, she has finally gone off the deep end. Sweet potatoes AND sunflower seeds in the same dish?” Why yes, guess what, you can have it. Notice the oxalate level in one bowl is around 23mg. This is why I scream about…

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  • Low Sodium Chicken Soup

    Low Sodium Chicken Soup

    I love chicken soup. It is the ultimate low cal, comfort food. I also love that I can find pre-cut soup veggies at Trader Joe’s and a rotisserie chicken at the market, which is a huge time saver. I used the lowest sodium stock I could find at 35 mg/cup.…

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  • Low-Oxalate, High-Calcium, KETO-Friendly, Grilled Cheese

    Low-Oxalate, High-Calcium, KETO-Friendly, Grilled Cheese

    Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? I must admit, I don’t usually eat grilled cheese, but I had a taste for one. Since we’re always trying to get enough daily calcium, I thought this would be a gooey and delicious way to do it. I used riced cauliflower instead of bread…

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  • Savory Portobello Veggie Wrap

    Savory Portobello Veggie Wrap

    It was a rainy, cold, deep fall day when I made this wrap—it totally hit the spot. I liked it because it came to me out of nowhere. I simply had some portabello mushrooms in my fridge and it was a do or throw out situation. Next thing you know…

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  • Strawberry Caprese Salad

    Strawberry Caprese Salad

    This simple, tasty salad is another quick way to get your calcium while keeping oxalate intake low. I swapped out the traditional tomatoes used in Caprese salads for sweeter, lower-oxalate strawberries, and, for a little tang, we finish it off with a drizzle of balsamic dressing. Mozzarella is a good…

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