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  • No-Salt Snack Seasoning Recipes

    No-Salt Snack Seasoning Recipes

    A low-salt diet doesn’t mean a flavorless life—we just need to be creative with herbs and spices.

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  • Salt-Free Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning Recipe

    Salt-Free Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning Recipe

    One of my favorite Kidney Stone Diet safe snacks is popcorn. However, store-bought popcorn tends to be too salty and caloric—I say caloric because who on earth can only eat the listed serving size?!? Not me. To remedy this, I’ve create my own popcorn seasoning I think you’ll like. Zero-Sodium…

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  • Kidney Stone Diet Safe Meal Replacement Bar

    Kidney Stone Diet Safe Meal Replacement Bar

    I don’t follow keto, but many of my patients do. The Kidney Stone Diet is a set of goals. You can do whichever lifestyle you want as long as you fit into those goals.

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  • Kidney Stone Safe Energy Balls

    Kidney Stone Safe Energy Balls

    I made this to show you that you can certainly still enjoy peanut butter. Many of you think you must never have it again on a low oxalate diet. Most of you can safely eat 100 mg/ox per day so you can definitely have these as a satisfying treat if…

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  • Banookies


    I am writing this during the pandemic and have found that I have too many bananas in my house that need to be dealt with right now. I also had a sugar tooth, so I thought I’d whip up some no-added-sugar cookies. Think banana bread but in cookie form!  As…

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  • Low Sugar Granola Bars

    Low Sugar Granola Bars

    We’re always looking for healthy “grab-and-go” snack options—something we can throw in our purse or backpack in case we get stuck somewhere and need a little somethin’ somethin’! Well, these granola bars fit the bill because they’re lower sodium with no added sugar and they contain lots of healthy lower…

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  • Savory Portobello Veggie Wrap

    Savory Portobello Veggie Wrap

    It was a rainy, cold, deep fall day when I made this wrap—it totally hit the spot. I liked it because it came to me out of nowhere. I simply had some portabello mushrooms in my fridge and it was a do or throw out situation. Next thing you know…

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  • High Calcium Pizza Snack

    High Calcium Pizza Snack

    I know. You are looking at this and thinking, “this is NOT a pizza, Jill.” Well, fair enough, but it is a tasty way to get your calcium needs met. My patients come to me thinking they need to focus on oxalate, but truly, one of the more challenging elements…

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  • Low Oxalate Granola

    Low Oxalate Granola

    After hearing from so many patients who miss having it for long walks, quick snacks, or throwing it in a bag when we need something during the day, I made this kidney stone-safe granola. Unfortunately, most granolas are made with high oxalate nuts (like almonds) and are a no-go for…

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  • Oat Bran Muffin

    Oat Bran Muffin

    These are really known as “Jeannette’s muffins” as it’s my dear friend, Jeannette, who first shared them with me. The recipe has been modified to lower sugar, oxalate, and sodium to make them Kidney Stone Diet-Approved. Remember, make these to accommodate your taste. I like cranberries, but you may not,…

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