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Snacks don’t have to be boring to be healthy!

The Kidney Stone Diet Safe Snacks & Desserts ebook is filled with 30 simple, safe, and satisfying snacks to help you maintain the goals of the Kidney Stone Diet.

These low-sugar, low-salt, and low-oxalate bites are formulated to help you lower stone risk, lose weight, and increase happiness!

Whether it’s the Low Oxalate Protein Bars or the “Chocolate Pudding“, every recipe features nutritional information (including oxalate), pro-tips on substitutions, and quality product suggestions.  

If you’re low-carb, diabetic, gluten-free, or vegan, don’t worry, these treats can all be adjusted to fit—I’ll show you how.

Guilt-free indulgence

A big part of the Kidney Stone Diet lifestyle is knowing that there is still plenty to eat. And this downloadable snack book proves it!

To succeed in a healthy lifestyle, you must be prepared. These recipes will save you money and give you confidence in knowing you can still eat tasty treats AND lower your stone risk!

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What Others Say

“I just subscribed to Jill’s Meal Plans and, I must say, it is truly awesome!

It gives a daily recipe plan that includes a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipe. She calculates all the sugars, sodium, and oxalates as well as all nutritional information for each recipe.

I’m SO glad I subscribed—it’s a truly fabulous resource.”

Victoria • Kidney Stone Diet Member

I just ordered this new Snacks & Desserts cookbook. It is amazing! The recipes look tasty. The pictures are beautiful. The layout is so attractive. And all the time and work that it took you and your team to put together is greatly appreciated! Job well done!

“Over the past 40 years, I have formed a stone about every 6 years eating the wrong way. Three of those stones required surgical intervention.

Now that I am religiously following the KSD, the 24hr urine test shows that all of my urine chemistry is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Therefore, since I have eliminated the internal environment that caused stones to form, I fully expect to never have another stone again.

As an added benefit, my body has never felt better and cleaner. The KSD is an incredibly healthy way to eat whether you form stones or not. In my mind, water is the key to a healthy body, and sodium is nothing but poison.”

Jill, you’ve given me a great gift – a way to control kidney stones and diabetes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am eternally grateful.

Joan • Kidney Stone Diet Meal Plans Subscriber

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