Kidney Stone Diet

Group Calls
with Nurse Jill

The support you need for life-long health!


Group Calls aren’t just for kidney stone prevention.

Over my 25-year career, I have helped thousands of stone formers put an end to their stones, lose weight, and take control of their health. It’s why I’m so dedicated to teaching the Kidney Stone Diet—people transform their lives with it.

You can transform your life too!

How my Group Calls will help you meet your health goals.

These calls are where the magic happens.

Beyond kidney stone prevention, this is where l teach you how to make, and continue to make, healthy choices long after the pain of your kidney stones subsides.

For those wanting to lose weight, you will find support, safety, and simple tools to get you through the weight plateaus (yes, they will undoubtedly happen) and how to keep making healthy choices when your will and memories of kidney stone pain fade

There are so many reasons we choose the foods we eat. No one has ever said, “Today was a hard day. I think I’ll kick back and eat a bag of kale.” No one ever. That’s because when times are hard, we want comfort foods like chips, cookies, and ice cream. We’ve learned to use food as comfort.

The Group Calls give you the tools and support you need to get through these tough times.

Here are some of the topics we bring to the group each week.

  • How to curtail stress eating.
  • What are your food triggers, and how to deal with them.
  • Stop labeling food as good or bad.
  • Learn what way of eating works best for YOU.
  • How to get yourself out of the “clean plate club”.
  • Understand YOU CAN EAT CARBS and lose weight.
  • How to be consistent (FOR REAL THIS TIME).
  • Understand why you are sabotaging your weight loss.
  • Exchange old eating habits into healthier eating habits.
  • Reframe your mind on how you think about food.
  • How to navigate eating out, holiday eating, vacations, etc.
  • How to eat for nourishment, not comfort (most of the time).
  • Learning how to push through plateaus of weight loss.
  • How to use the portion, not perfection principle.
  • How to be more compassionate and kind to yourself.
  • How to manage your expectations during weight loss.
  • Rid yourself of diet industry guilt and shame.
  • Understand how your childhood environment is driving your present behaviors.
  • Have a safe and supportive place to discuss these things knowing you are not alone.

The Kidney Stone Diet is far more than just a diet; this plan is life-altering! The group calls will transform you physically and emotionally. I have lost a total of 40 pounds and have consistently kept it off. The group calls are such support; this is more like family than a Zoom meeting to stay accountable. 

The Group Calls have been a safe place to ask questions & get answers directly from Jill.

Jill is far more than a nurse; she is a life coach. Her platform is invaluable.

Group calls with Jill are vital to keep me focused on my goals.

I am grateful for all this program has brought into my life. The education about healthy ways to nourish my body and the support needed to continue living this way is valuable

Listening to others’ successes has made me implement strategies into my daily activities. The calls have also decreased my anxiety by listening to others. Being able to tell others your story(s) and get feedback has been a big plus.

The group calls with Jill have been an emotional touchstone for me, a place to bring up any issue – not only related to my kidney stone issues but to how significant life changes are made.

One hundred percent worth the money.

Jill gives 10,000 percent of her heart and soul to these group calls. Invaluable service.

The group calls with Jill have provided viable information for my kidney stone prevention.

I consider Jill one of the most influential healthcare professionals in my lifetime. A bonus for my kidney stone journey was I could also lose over 30 pounds and maintain that in the last six years.

Jill’s calls are constantly enjoyable as she is a master facilitator, and she provides a fantastic format that is very respectful and understanding and allows others to share and listen to other members’ kidney stone experiences and journeys.

Jill’s group calls have provided an excellent educational resource, insight, and outstanding relief for a complex and challenging medical condition. 

Undeniable Results.

Here are just some of the weight loss results my patients, students, and followers have experienced by making the Kidney Stone Diet their lifestyle.

You, too, can transform your life with the proper guidance, effort, and support. I promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the calls?

I hold calls three times per week.

  • Tuesday: 10:00am CST
  • Wendesday: 6:00pm CST
  • Friday: 10:00am CST
Do I have to come to every call?

The calls are beneficial for accountability whether you come to all or just one a week. Some people come twice a month. Do what works for your schedule. Any call you can come to will be extremely valuable in helping you stay on track!

Is this a phone call or video chat?

Video chat.

How will I access the call?

You will get instructions! It is so easy! Promise!

What happens if I can’t make it on time?

Think of the calls like office hours! Come and go anytime.