Urinalysis Consult.

Increase your knowledge. Decrease your risk.

An essential step in stopping your stones.

This urinalysis call is one of the most vital services I offer. It takes a highly skilled and experienced person to help you understand what your values mean and how your diet is impacting your stone disease.

This essential call will give you the knowledge you need to have clear and effective conversations with your doctor so that, together, you can create the best preventative treatment plan for you. 

During this call, I will also give you advice on how to make the necessary dietary changes for improved follow-up results so you can lower your stone risk.

If you want to stop your current stones from gowing and prevent new ones from forming, click the button below to book your appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

“Unlike other non–physicians I’ve worked with, Jill is highly skilled at interpreting the 24-hour urine testing panels produced by Litholink and other major service vendors in the US. This makes her especially valuable.”

Fredric L. Coe • Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago

How it works.

Click the purchase button below and, once checkout is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule your call and send your latest report to me.

What you get.

This service includes a 30-minute private phone consult with me, Jill. During the call, I’ll explain what your values mean and the important points to discuss during your next doctor visit.

My Urologist contacted me. On a Sunday afternoon. To learn more about the Kidney Stone Diet. Why? Because he is just blown away by how much my numbers have improved since I started with Jill in January and I’ve been stone-free since last November. He’s now going to recommend Jill to his patients. BOOM!💪  👍  👊 Thank you, Jill!!! 🙏

“I spoke with Jill about my recent urine collection and, let me tell you, I learned so much more from her. Things are clearer now and I know what I have to do even more. Jill is very upfront with her suggestions and you feel like you’re talking to a trusted friend.”

Just got off the phone with Jill!!! I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly informative and helpful my 30 minute conversation was with her!! I learned so much, even after doing my own extensive research! Jill was extremely kind, pro-active, and generous with her time. She willingly went over the time just to make sure she gave me all the info I needed.

Thank you so much, Jill!!

If you haven’t had a conversation with Jill, I highly recommend it!

“I took the course with Jill, and my second 24 hour urine was MUCH better than the first one. She gives very practical information, and it WORKS. I was totally overwhelmed at first. I got very poor diet information from my doctors. Jill made it easy for me to understand, and I took it one day at a time. I still watch her videos when I need a tune-up. Jill is the best, and she really cares about all of us. Take the course—it will help you!!!”

Morris • Kidney Stone Prevention Course Member

“Kudos to Jill and her program! My oxalate are way down and I’ve learned so much from her! I have a virtual appointment with my nephrologist tomorrow and I have my info in order and my questions ready. My urine is high in calcium and has gone up since January. I got stuck with his assistant at the last appointment who didn’t even know about oxalates and they tried to stick me with him again and I said no. I’ll be ready. Thanks, Jill! You’re the best!”

Krysti S. • Kidney Stone Prevention Course Member