• How to Eat During a 24-Hour Urine Collection

    How to Eat During a 24-Hour Urine Collection

    If this is your FIRST urine collection, you should be eating and drinking like you did before you knew anything about stone prevention. I know you’re thinking, “There is no way I am going to eat spinach and almonds ever again!” Fair, but do everything else like you did.

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  • Can Kidney Stone Formers Eat Higher Oxalate Foods?

    Can Kidney Stone Formers Eat Higher Oxalate Foods?

    A widespread problem I see with my patients and students regarding oxalate is that they take away so many foods because they fear it.

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  • What is PCNL Surgery?

    What is PCNL Surgery?

    Last week I wrote about two common surgeries: Lithotripsy and Ureteroscopy. Today, we discuss a third type of surgery, PCNL, and why and how it is done. What is PCNL? PCNL stands for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. It’s a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to remove kidney stones. This method involves making…

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  • Your Complete Guide to Kidney Stone Surgeries

    Your Complete Guide to Kidney Stone Surgeries

    Hi! Today, we will discuss two ways doctors can help people with kidney stones. This will be a longer article because I want everything about these procedures in one place. Buckle up, my loyal friends, and let’s discuss each kidney stone surgery and questions for you to ask your doctor…

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  • Kidney Stone Diet’s Favorite Things

    Kidney Stone Diet’s Favorite Things

    Over the past 25 years as a kidney stone prevention nurse, I’ve worked with thousands of patients. And every day I’ve been asked a variation of these 2 questions: The answer to #1 is already taken care of. Just have a look at our Oxalate List. But I don’t yet…

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  • The Role of Vitamin D and Kidney Stones

    The Role of Vitamin D and Kidney Stones

    Below is my summary of a very lengthy study on vitamin D and calcium. Here is the complete study for you sciencey folks who like to get down and dirty into the details. Kidney stones are like tiny, hard pebbles that can form in your kidneys when certain substances in your urine,…

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  • Medical Management Of Kidney Stones

    Medical Management Of Kidney Stones

    Here I am again with another recent study on how a clinician should treat kidney stone formers. From 24-hour urine collections to the Kidney Stone Diet® (each goal is listed as a way to lower kidney stone risk), it is all here. Also, AUA (American Urological Association) panel members rated…

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  • How Fad Diets Affect Kidney Stone Risk

    How Fad Diets Affect Kidney Stone Risk

    Hi! A recent study examined the links between various fad diets and kidney stone risk—you can read my summary below. The original study can be found here. Kidney Stone Disease (KSD) is increasingly common, affecting up to 14% of people in industrialized countries, and is closely linked to dietary habits and…

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  • Kidney Stones and Carbs

    Kidney Stones and Carbs

    So many of my one-on-one consults are with people who are afraid of carbohydrates. The diet industry has manufactured an irrational fear of bread and pasta. And, we’ve seen this before. Let’s remember that this is very similar to the irrational fear they created around fat. Do you remember Snackwell cookies? The Snackwell people…

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  • How much oxalate is in…

    How much oxalate is in…

    “Jill, how much oxalate is in ___________? It’s not on the list.” My answer is the same now as it was decades ago: eat that unstudied food once or twice a week (I am very practical—you might have leftovers) in normal portion size and meet your calcium needs each day.

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  • Why Do Oxalate Levels Vary?

    Why Do Oxalate Levels Vary?

    Harvard recently updated its oxalate list—you can read about that here—and many of you were concerned that the numbers had changed and demanded answers! I hope our time together today helps you understand the big picture so you can feel less overwhelmed about this change. The worry over the new list…

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  • Updated Oxalate List From Harvard. Now What?

    Updated Oxalate List From Harvard. Now What?

    BIG NEWS!!! In November 2023, Harvard reported on some new and old foods that have been studied. However, I just found out about this information as it is buried on Harvard’s website. We at Kidney Stone Diet have been working all week, night and day, to update our current Harvard…

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  • When to go to the ER for kidney stones

    When to go to the ER for kidney stones

    Hi! Here is an essential post on when to go to the ER during a kidney stone incident. Believe it or not, some stones pass without incident. But for many of you, there were clear warning signs that something was wrong in your body. Running off to the emergency room…

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  • Kidney Stone Pain Tool Kit

    Kidney Stone Pain Tool Kit

    Here is a list of recommended items from kidney stone patients to have on hand when traveling if you have current kidney stones.

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  • Kidney Stones and Fear of Traveling

    Kidney Stones and Fear of Traveling

    I have wanted to write this for a long time, and I am happy that today is the day. A widespread fear for my students and patients is going on vacation. Whether it be by plane, train, or automobile, you have anxiety that your current stone will pass or you…

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  • How to Pass a Kidney Stone

    How to Pass a Kidney Stone

    Not too long ago, I asked my private Facebook group members to tell me what has helped them pass their kidney stones. There were nearly 200 responses, and here are the most common at-home remedies for kidney stone patients from kidney stone patients. They are not in any particular order, but I…

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  • Kidney Stone Risk Factors

    Kidney Stone Risk Factors

    A recent study shows who is at risk for kidney stones and why. It’s a lengthy study, so I thought I would summarize it and save you time. 🙂 Abstract Summary IntroductionKidney stones, a common urological condition, have been recognized since ancient times. Despite advances, the global prevalence of kidney stones is…

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  • 28 Most Common Kidney Stone Myths

    28 Most Common Kidney Stone Myths

    Here you will hear all the kidney stone prevention myths I’ve heard over the past 25 years, which have been interesting and frustrating to say the least. If these potions, pills, wives’ tales, etc, worked, millions of people would not be making kidney stones!

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