Kidney Stone Diet

  • How much oxalate is in…

    How much oxalate is in…

    “Jill, how much oxalate is in ___________? It’s not on the list.” My answer is the same now as it was decades ago: eat that unstudied food once or twice a week (I am very practical—you might have leftovers) in normal portion size and meet your calcium needs each day.

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  • Why Do Oxalate Levels Vary?

    Why Do Oxalate Levels Vary?

    Harvard recently updated its oxalate list—you can read about that here—and many of you were concerned that the numbers had changed and demanded answers! I hope our time together today helps you understand the big picture so you can feel less overwhelmed about this change. The worry over the new list…

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  • Updated Oxalate List From Harvard. Now What?

    Updated Oxalate List From Harvard. Now What?

    BIG NEWS!!! In November 2023, Harvard reported on some new and old foods that have been studied. However, I just found out about this information as it is buried on Harvard’s website. We at Kidney Stone Diet have been working all week, night and day, to update our current Harvard…

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  • How to Pass a Kidney Stone

    How to Pass a Kidney Stone

    Not too long ago, I asked my private Facebook group members to tell me what has helped them pass their kidney stones. There were nearly 200 responses, and here are the most common at-home remedies for kidney stone patients from kidney stone patients. They are not in any particular order, but I…

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  • Kidney Stone Risk Factors

    Kidney Stone Risk Factors

    A recent study shows who is at risk for kidney stones and why. It’s a lengthy study, so I thought I would summarize it and save you time. 🙂 Abstract Summary IntroductionKidney stones, a common urological condition, have been recognized since ancient times. Despite advances, the global prevalence of kidney stones is…

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  • 28 Most Common Kidney Stone Myths

    28 Most Common Kidney Stone Myths

    Here you will hear all the kidney stone prevention myths I’ve heard over the past 25 years, which have been interesting and frustrating to say the least. If these potions, pills, wives’ tales, etc, worked, millions of people would not be making kidney stones!

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  • Is Tea Safe for Kidney Stone Formers

    Is Tea Safe for Kidney Stone Formers

    Today, we discuss the oxalate levels of tea. I have written about tea and other beverages on Dr. Coe’s website from the University of Chicago, but not on my website. It’s a common question from my students and patients, so let’s dive in.

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  • The Oxalate Level of Beans

    The Oxalate Level of Beans

    I hear from people all the time who say they miss eating beans. Most of the vegans and vegetarians I have worked with over the years were eating too many beans to get their protein needs met, along with never getting enough calcium into their diet. It’s a perfect mixture for making…

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  • The ABC’s of Kidney Stone Prevention

    The ABC’s of Kidney Stone Prevention

    This post is a refresher on why each part of the Kidney Stone Diet is important and how each goal can lower your stone risk. If you forget the goals, here is a pretty infographic to put on your phone. Drink Your Fluids Students ask me all the time, “How much do I…

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  • The Kidney Stone Diet Is Healthy for All

    The Kidney Stone Diet Is Healthy for All

    One of the most common things I hear from patients and students is, “There is nothing left to eat between my diabetes, heart disease, and kidney stones!” There are many reasons I keep doing the work I do—the most important being to help people change habits and improve their health. The Kidney Stone Diet does just…

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  • Choosing Kindness Over Shame

    Choosing Kindness Over Shame

    My daily calls with patients focus on devising individual plans to change unhealthy habits. Change is hard for most people because habits have been formed over decades. My job is to listen to each person’s story to understand their lifestyle habits and help them create a plan for success that…

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  • Do I Have to Give Up My Favorite Foods?

    Do I Have to Give Up My Favorite Foods?

    I have been helping patients understand how to prevent kidney stones for a long time. It never gets boring because each person comes with their own set of unique lifestyle challenges and changing habits is rarely easy. A concern I often address (several times a day) is the need to…

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  • Naturally Occurring Salt and the Kidney Stone Diet

    Naturally Occurring Salt and the Kidney Stone Diet

    A friend of mine in the Facebook group asked if she was supposed to count all the salt that occurs naturally in foods like fruits and veggies. She also mentioned that she was dealing with a lot of stress and that the thought of counting salt in produce was overwhelming.…

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  • How to Stay Kidney Stone Diet-Compliant Through the Holidays

    How to Stay Kidney Stone Diet-Compliant Through the Holidays

    Let’s talk about how to stay compliant with your Kidney Stone Diet goals over the holiday season, because I don’t expect you to forgo your favorite treats. What would the holidays be without your customs and favorite family festivities? I want you to enjoy your favorite foods because the only…

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  • The Kidney Stone Diet Philosophy

    The Kidney Stone Diet Philosophy

    When people ask me what the kidney stone diet is, I tell them the goals and share my thoughts about diet in general. There is much more to this lifestyle than just paying attention to the goals. Lifestyle change is more about the mind than it is the food. And changing the…

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  • How Meat Protein Fits Into the Kidney Stone Diet.

    How Meat Protein Fits Into the Kidney Stone Diet.

    Let’s talk about the meat protein part of the kidney stone diet—it has always confused people, so let’s see if I can clear this up.  The first thing patients usually say to me is, “I don’t eat red meat, Jill!” But, when we ask you to lower your meat protein, we’re also talking…

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  • Where Do I Start?

    Where Do I Start?

    Whether on social media or speaking with private patients and students, I hear these words everyday—“I am overwhelmed and have no idea where to start!” I’ve compiled this list of resources that will make you feel better and provide you with a foundation on which to start your path to prevention. …

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  • Using Lemons to Prevent Kidney Stones

    Using Lemons to Prevent Kidney Stones

    I wrote this post because I get some form of this question every single day.  “Jill, I have been drinking lemon water, but I’m still making stones. Why is this happening?” First off, those of you who have been with me a while will know what my first question will…

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“The Kidney Stone Diet is far more than just a diet; this plan is life-altering!”

“The group calls will transform you physically and emotionally. Once you start this journey, your health naturally improves. I have lost a total of 40 pounds and have consistently kept it off. The group calls are such support; this is more like family than a zoom meeting to stay accountable. Jill is far more than a nurse; she is a life coach. Her platform is invaluable.”

Kim J. | Kidney Stone Prevention Course

“The best decision I’ve made has been to join this group.”

“I have been working on weight loss for many years. This group has kept me on track and has helped my continued success with my weight loss.”

Kate L. | Group Calls with Jill

“I have been following the Meal Plan for about 6 weeks and I feel amazing.”

“Eating healthy has also encouraged me to go to bed earlier, so I am also getting more sleep. Because of that, I have been able to get up before work and exercise! So yes, the positive effects are spilling over into all areas of a healthy lifestyle.”

Jerry T. | Meal Plan Subscriber

“I have been a part of the group calls with Jill for the last 14 months, and they are essential to being so successful with the Kidney Stone Diet Prevention Plan.”

Sarah B. | Group Calls with Jill

“These calls are the gold of this program!!”

“I can’t say enough about how Jill knows just the right questions to ask us or how she prods us to think about what is going on in our lives.”

Monica K. | Group Calls with Jill

“I took the course with Jill, and my second 24 hour urine was MUCH better than the first.”

“She gives very practical information, and it WORKS. I was totally overwhelmed at first. I got very poor diet information from my doctors. Jill made it easy for me to understand, and I took it one day at a time. I still watch her videos when I need a tune-up. Jill is the best, and she really cares about all of us. Take the course—it will help you!!!”

Mark J. | Kidney Stone Prevention Course